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A message of warning from ancient Rome.

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The word “Procrastinate” used to have much more positive connotations.  In chapter two of Coping With Stress: Effective People and Processes, Joseph R Ferrari outlines its history:

“The Romans provided the roots of the present form of the word “procrastination” –pro = “forward” + crastinus = “of tomorrow”.  Interestingly, the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius warned against delaying unnecessarily.  The earliest known English usage of the word “procrastination” was in 1548, where it appeared in Edward Hall’s Chronicle: The Union of Two Noble and Illustrious Families of Lancestre and York.  The term is used… without pejorative connotations, reflecting the idea of “informed delay” or “wisely chosen restraint” that was popular in Roman accounts (1).  The word “procrastination” was in relatively common usage by the early 1600s (1)… The negative connotations of the term, however, did not seem to emerge until the mid-1800s, at approximately the time of the industrial revolution, when the word became associated with “sinful” sloth.” (p. 30-31)


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September 27, 2009 at 4:04 pm

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Get yourself something from the dining tube.

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Hi there.  I’m Clay, one of the founders of ProcrasDonate.com, an online service that can help you procrastinate less.  I’m going to be a regular submitter to this blog, so I thought that I’d say hello.  “Hi!”

This is a public promise to myself to learn and write about procrastination, time, and an improved relationship to work in general.  It would be nice if I could make this blog into a useful resource and discussion forum for people who are interested in getting stuff done.  Maybe one post will be about theraputic measurements of procrastination and the next will be about taking breaks.  We’ll see.  I’ve been doing some reading already and that has been fun.

Oh, and I should say “Hi, I’m a part-time Procrastinator and sometimes I feel addicted to the internet.”  Glad that’s over with (am I supposed to repeat that in later posts?  I’ll try and spare you.)  I once took a whole year off of both email and the internet.  That helped me chill out a bit.  So now I’ll be sharing the stuff I’m learning about all of that.  Glad you’re here for the journey.  Buckle up, comment where you like, and get yourself something from the dining tube.

As you probably know, ProcrasDonate.com helps you create charitable incentives to celebrate the time you spend online.  I’m really psyched about it and that’s why we’re keeping this blog.  But I’m not just excited about helping you create a “time is money” association with the physical process of being on the internet.  I’m also really into the more holistic side of the service.  Like maybe being in control of our time means we’ll have more time to chill, cook for ourselves, play ultimate frisbee, or whatever else we’d actually rather be doing.  That just with our curiosity we can make the change that we want to see in the world, exerting our positive will, making that power manifest a dollar at a time.  And more than that… for me this is about getting a better relationship with the way that I do work in general… the way that I value the one of my primary experiences of being with myself.


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September 22, 2009 at 3:31 pm

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