Mindful Moments: Stories and Lessons of Procrastination

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Need more research on clinical procrastination treatments.

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I’m very encouraged by the Psychiatric community’s fairly recent emphasis on testing of therapeutic techniques designed to produce results in a limited number of sessions.  There’s plenty of literature out there about procrastination.  And many therapies have been shown to be successful.  However there hasn’t been enough studies that compare their effectiveness.  So therapists are still winging it, to some extent.

Dr Joseph R Ferrari writes in chapter 2 of Coping with Stress: Effective Peoples and Processes:

“Regardless of the type of procrastination, I believe that a multifocused intervention package is needed… Clinical outcome research is needed to determine which components of the intervention package are more or less effective.  Until such research is done and published, using a set of interventions is the best strategy.” (p. 43)


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October 2, 2009 at 4:08 pm

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